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Trevor Roberti Educator, Scientist, Salesman, Real Estate Expert, Consultant


         I have been consulting in multiple capacities over the last several years. As a scientist I have the ability to analyze a system and understand the details as well as the big picture. And then as a educator, I can clearly explain the situation and emphasize important aspects.

Real Estate

         I am passionate about the many benefits of real estate ownership and I always appreciate the opportunity to share these benefits with clients. In most cases, my advice is free. It is a service to buyers as a buyers agent. In certain cases, when I am not directly associated with the selling or buying side of a transaction, I am still open to advising on the pros and cons of various types of real estate ownership and specific transactions.

Real Estate Software Development

         I have been working on real estate investor software and web sites. I have designed, guided and tested the development of a commercial property module for ProfitGrabber, a popular investment program. The program integrates the many important aspects of income properties with an exceptional lead and residential property management system. The module accepts information on the property, its income, expenses and loans. Then it allows the user to test various scenarios to gain aggressive to conservative estimations of value. And finally, the system utilizes taxation information to propagate future net income and profit over a several year investment period.


         I am on the scientific advisory board with Nanocell Biotechnologies. Nanocell Biotech is optimizing carbon nanomaterials for uses in biochemical research as well as medical testing.

Contact Me

         So if you are looking for some expert advice in science, real estate or investing, please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can assist you with your large projects or simple investments.


Educator - Scientist - Salesman - Real Estate - Consultant  

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