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Trevor Roberti Educator, Scientist, Salesman, Real Estate Expert, Consultant


I am blessed with a wonderful, loving and supportive family. From my wife, Natalia, and my son, Michael, to my parents and siblings, nieces and nephew, and my grandparents.

I will continue to add photos to this page, but for now, enjoy this sampling of pictures of the family who blesses my life.

Trevor and his beloved wife, Natalia

Trevor with son, Michael

The Roberti Clan
Mom, Natalia, Trevor, Traci, Michael

The Parkinson Clan with Ancient Redwood
Tom, Sue Ellen, Gary, Trevor, Michael

The Parkinson Clan Thanksgiving
Mira, Tom, Savanna, Grandpa, Andrew, Mom, Jimmy, Trevor, Michael

Dad, out in nature where he was happiest.

Grandma Virgie, a great mentor and friend.

Trevor and son with Traci's twins, Andrew and Sydney.


Educator - Scientist - Salesman - Real Estate - Consultant  

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