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Trevor Roberti Educator, Scientist, Salesman, Real Estate Expert, Consultant


         My passion for sales started when I began working in real estate and wanted to maximize my impression of the value of a property with my buyers. I love helping people discover what they need and then doing what is necessary to get it for them.

         I am currently selling real estate in the Monterey Bay region exclusively for buyers with the The Buyers Brokerage, Inc. See my monterey bay real estate web sites:

         I am also a California Regional Account Manager for H-ITT, a hyper-interactive teaching technology company, which specializing in audience response systems. These systems transform the classroom learning environment by engaging every student in a classroom and thus increasing student attendance, participation, comprehension and overall performance. Instructors also gain the benefit of real-time assessment of student understanding. Instructors all across the country are utilizing H-ITT’s comprehensive solution to engage students and analyze participation. Contact me today to discuss how H-ITT is partnering with educators to greatly increase the student engagement and accountability in the classroom.


Educator - Scientist - Salesman - Real Estate - Consultant  

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